Dr. Marwah Live: Best YouTube channel for budding doctors

Dr. Marwah Live: Best YouTube channel for budding doctors

Medical science is one of the most widespread forms of education in the world, where the bests emerge towards becoming doctors, the saviors of lives.

While it is one of the most desired professions in the world, it is also, without a doubt, one of the most difficult professions to get into.

 Honestly, why wouldn’t it be when people often refer to them as mortal Gods or entrust them with all their heart for saving hundreds of lives. Therefore, the course of MBBS for budding doctors and the subsequent entrance for their PG courses are extremely challenging, to say the least.

However, they need not worry, because there are materials available online that can be the live-savers of the saviors.

 While there are hundreds of books available, with each weighing about a ton each, there are also interactive live sessions available online, and they are as important for the real-life experience as books are for knowledge.

One such platform that helps the budding doctors and PG aspirants to further success in their careers is Dr. Marwah Live, a YouTube Channel, designed by Dr. Deepak Marwah, to aid the students to learn the concepts of the field of medical science, through live sessions, where he gives real-life visualization of the world of medicine.

His sessions are moderately long, that do not bore the students with few hours of monotonous information, making their brain capacities reduce and cause mental fatigue.

Dr. Deepak Marwah is a widely known academician and a clinician. He has been teaching young medical students, who are the flag-bearers of the medical science of the next generation.

He trains them for their Undergraduate examination concepts and trains them for post-graduation entrances. An alumnus of the Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, he has been involved with academics for the last 15 years.

With over 45 thousand Subscribers, his channel is one of the most student-friendly channels available in the field of medical science, with lucid lectures that aid the ease of understanding every concept by heart.

Although there is no particular day in the week that he uploads the videos or goes a life, they are fairly regular and whenever they come up, it is made sure that they are delivered in the best ways possible.

Dr. Marwah not only teaches the concepts of Medical Sciences with ease and depth but also provides live interactive preparatory classes for INICET aspirants, who want to join for Post Graduate (PG) courses in Medical Science, like Doctor of Medicine (MD), Masters of Surgery (MS) and so on.

He provides keynotes on how to crack the examinations, increase the strike rate, and score at a level where the candidates can be in a position to choose their Post Graduate Specialization according to their own preference and design their future in the field of medical science, just how they envision it.

The eligibility criteria to appear in the INICET examination is that the candidates must have acquired their previous degree and also completed one year of their mandatory rotatory internship and have acquired the certificate for the same.

 Once they have qualified for eligibility to sit for the exam, they have to score over the decided cut-off in the INICET exam and then continue with the follow-up procedures for finally being admitted to their preferred specialization in the post-graduate courses of whatever their chosen degree or domain would be.

Some of Dr. Marwah’s widely appreciated and viewed videos are:

  1. INICET practice Sessions
  2. Cardiorenal Syndrome
  3. Quick Revision of Internal Medicine
  4. Multisystem Inflammatory

And so on.

Along with these, a series on his YouTube Channel has become hugely impactful on the medical students, for its realistic approach. The series is known as Clinical Scenarios Live stream. In these videos, the real-life scenarios in the medical world are discussed with the viewers.

Dr. Deepak Marwah is also very vocal about the balancing of academics and life. He emphasizes the fact that rest and sleep are two very integral parts of life in order to repair and maintain the mind and body and also get rid of the fatigue that our minds may have been affected by due to continuous pressure. He says that according to him, proper rest and sleep are directly proportional to better efficiency in any concerned field.

Some of the tips that he gives in order to follow a healthier lifestyle to performing better are:

  1. Following a healthy sleep schedule
  2. Take breaks in between studying to rest your brain and take a nap
  3. Distancing from the intoxication of any kind
  4. Being physically active in daily life

Besides the importance of sleep and a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Marwah is also vocal about the tips to stay motivated and emotionally healthy while the students are going through a difficult phase of examinations and have to invest a lot of time studying.

According to him, psychology identifies four different types of motivation-

Extrinsic motivation comes from the outer world, intrinsic motivation comes from within, introjected motivation is the voice inside us that pressurizes us, and identified motivation makes a person knows their purpose and benefits of doing a certain job. To increase motivation, Dr. Marwah suggests the following:

Reinforcement Learning: Setting a positive reward for an act or behavior, or a target reached

The Ulysses Pact: Planning something and being bound by the plan to perform it.

The Self Talk: The internal self-conversations that motivate people to do better.

It is visible that Dr. Marwah is not just a wonderful academician, but also an insightful person. The time and effort that he has put into his channel, trying to help students get hold of their dreams, is commendable.

His efforts have provided a new direction to the students and helped them score their targets whilst clearing their concepts and thus, it would not be an overstatement to say that his channel is undoubtedly the best platform for budding doctors to grow and learn and open their eyes to an ocean of opportunities lying ahead for them.

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