Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune Hepatitis


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Autoimmune hepatitis formerly called Lupoid hepatitis causes liver cirrhosis and can be identified on antibody profile given below. In most questions’ liver biopsy finding of Interface hepatitis and rosette formation is mentioned making it easier but differentiating type 1 vs type 2 is always a challenge and this article serves to simplify it

Type 1 Autoimmune hepatitis 

Mnemonic: Smooth Soluble AX effect

Type 2 Autoimmune hepatitis


Anti-Smooth muscle antibody

Anti-Soluble liver antigen

Atypical p-ANCA/ X-ANCA


Anti LKM antibody (For type 2 antibody seen is LKM1 and not LKM2)

ANA negative

Anti-Liver Cytosol antibody



Extra- mile Histopathology findings

Primary sclerosing cholangitisOnion skin fibrosis in bile ducts
Primary biliary cirrhosisFlorid duct lesion
Autoimmune hepatitisRosette formation

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