NEETPG on 11th August 2024

NEETPG on 11th August 2024


Finally, the fog has cleared and it is time to get in the saddle again. Treat these few days as rest period and now you can get back to doing what you do best which is learning and applying concepts

Much has been said on social media about how bad the system is but you know that typing something on social media does not change a damn thing. Now what is the action plan that works. It is simple three things:

  1. Daily 100 MCQ grind in morning from custom modules. Once done all mistakes to be noted in single line in a register page to be reviewed daily. You can do 2000 to 3000 MCQ like this in next one month. These custom modules has to be mix of NEET PG and FMG as questions are shuffled from both exams
  2. Notes of rapid revision to be glanced through for all 19 subjects. You won’t remember each word but visual memory helps in retaining lots of information in neocortex. So staring at the same table does work
  3. Division of subjects should be 15 days for medicine (4) surgery (4) obgy( 4)  ENT (1)ophthalmology (1)  derma (0.5)  and psychiatry (0.5). Rest 15 for the others.


Keep Hammering guys and you will persist

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