3 Tips to help you tackle Multiple Choice Exams

3 tips

3 Tips to help you tackle Multiple Choice Exams

Multiple choice exams can be quite tricky, especially when you’re in a race against time. However, with a bit of strategy and planning, you can take on multiple choice questions with confidence and ease.

Here are three tips to help you improve your performance in MCQ exams.

Eliminate the Wrong

The smartest way to tackle Multiple Choice Exams is by eliminating the obviously wrong options first. A typical MCQ has 3 wrong options and 1 correct option. It is way easier to detect the wrong answers than figuring the right one.

Most MCQs are set up in such a way that two choices are straight out wrong, one is there to trick you, and one is correct. When you narrow down your choices, you greatly increase your chances of choosing the right answer. It has been rightly said that MCQ exams have more to do with eliminating wrong options than finding the right ones.

Always be Extra Careful

When you’re giving a lengthy Multiple Choice Exam your brain tends to get tired and you end up making careless mistakes. MCQ exams are notorious for tricking you into making mistakes by giving you trick options which, at first, may appear to be the correct answer. Try to stay alert, and double-check your entire paper for silly mistakes and trick options.

Going through the paper one last time before submission is the best way to deal with careless mistakes that may initially go unnoticed.

Make Smart Guesses

If there isn’t any negative marking, just make an educated guess. The good thing with MCQs is that there multiple ways to reach the correct answer. For example, if you’re struggling to remember the exact answer, try recalling related information instead. It’ll eventually lead you to the answer.

Also pay close attention to words like always, not, never, etc. Conditional words are often used to trick and confuse you so tread with caution whenever you come across any such words. When you’re faced with ‘all of the above’ or ‘none of the above’ choices, do not choose ‘all of the above’ if you’re confident that even one of the options is incorrect. Similarly, if you’re sure that at least one of the options is correct, do not go for ‘none of the above’.

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