Tips On How to Stay Motivated

Tips On How to Stay Motivated

Motivation is the process that fuels, guides, and perpetuates goal-oriented behavior. It is what causes you to proceed, whether to get a glass of water to ease the feeling of thirst or to read a book to gain knowledge. Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that trigger behavior.

There are namely 4 types of motivation as understood by psychologists today.

Extrinsic Motivation extrinsic motivation comes from external sources that have authority upon us. Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsic motivation is done for internal reasons, for example to align with values. Introjected Motivation Introjected motivation is the pressurizing inner voice. Identified Motivation Identified motivation is where a person knows the benefit of one’s behavior and gets motivated with it.

All of us have at one or the other time experienced one of these. And we are also familiar with the sudden rush of adrenalin that we experience at times after encountering motivating stimuli, however, that’s short lived. Hence, in today’s blog we will discuss how to stay motivated.

Read Motivational Quotes, Articles and Watch Motivational Videos

The above mentioned activities ignite a spark of motivation in our minds and can be put to use for high outputs and good results. So, immerse through such material in the form of videos, pictures, etc.

Reinforcement Learning

The concept of reinforcement learning is when an action or behavior is reinforced by a positive reward. This behaviour can be observed in every house and in the early learning for kids. The same can be implied in the later age as well.

The Ulysses Pact

The Ulysses Pact is when you plan something in present and that plan binds you to do or take some action in future. It also lock us in to take some decision in future while thinking about future goal’s merits.

The Self Talk

The Self talk is your internal self-conversation or dialogues. It is generally influenced by one’s subconscious mind which reveals one’s belief, thoughts, ideas and questions. It can be positive and motivational, as well as, negative and depressive, work on removing the negativity and become optimistic.

Since, we know that motivation starts within, with all the tips written above, let’s make every effort of our count.

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