How to read Harrison in last month before NEET SS. AIR Rank 37 Dr Subrata explains

How to read Harrison in last month before NEET SS. AIR Rank 37 Dr Subrata explains

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Here is thefinal month strategy of a young dashing Dr Subhabrata who secured AIR 37 in NEET SS 2023. He says that there was no time for video lectures in that last month. The slight delay of exam by 20 days was a blessing in disguise as it gives me extra days to cover those topics that I was initially plan to leave and go.

  1. I took screen shots of all Harrison tables and used to revise them daily whenever I got timex whether before or during duty hours. I developed visual memory of each table by going through these tables which was sometimes simple blank staring into the screen even if it was in the wards. In simple words I was so attached to the theory and flow charts that performing in wards was literally muscle memory
  2. I used to wake up one hour earlier than duty time and used to hit books or app Q bank immediately on coming back from duty instead of relaxing and planning to study later. After duty you are operating on adrenaline and soon the effect will fade off and muscles will demand rest. Use that time before the adrenaline of duty wears off. Use a highlighter and make notes in separate notebook. Writing down will help you remember more though you may feel lazy. Rather you will be surprised that you will not have to read that topic again and again as when you note down data, it gets more organized and more understandable.
  3. I used to do only Q bank and test series during last 1-2 months of preparation. Imagine you are in examination hall while doing each MCQ. It helps you fine tune your senses. Being mentally dull while lying partially reclining in bed is a big no. Don’t do MCQ while lounging and lying down. It will dull your reflexes.
  4. Using supplemental resources, Harrison is not the only resource available. Use review articles and online resources. Join limited WhatsApp groups for any updates that are coming for management but be very selective about those groups.
  5. Achieving Daily targets is more important than making grand plans and failing. Don’t neglect environmental medicine and poisoning.



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