Can ChatGPT clear NEET PG 2023 and FMG exam after clearing USMLE Exam?

Can ChatGPT clear NEET PG 2023 and FMG exam after clearing USMLE Exam?

Full form of ChatGPT is Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. This open-source Artificial intelligence system started in Nov 2022 is a run way success and Elon musk is tweeting about it means it is something.

This AI was able to get a decent score of 50 percent in one of most competitive exam in the world without any formal training. The guessing ability of the software is tremendous and learning for us as doctors is that cracking exams with controlled guess work is possible.

Previous exam questions were fed into the AI took and surprisingly it had answers to clinical situations asked and this result was independently verified by two physicians. They had ensured that the question set asked to AI had not been fed into the data base of this system earlier.

I personally think this software will get higher score in Indian NEET PG/ FMG exam where facts are asked and the system is loaded with facts over all these years.

Can it replace doctors. Nopes ……. but it can surely make diagnostic algorithms easier to comprehend. It can guide doctors during emergency on next best step. It would be just like an airline pilot is aided by onboard computer to allow flight to go on auto mode similarly ChatGPT can help you manage the ward more effectively and can be trained to order labs and present lab reports and their interpretation to doctor for better case management.

This tool has cracked even the US law school entrance test and Wharton business school exam apart from USMLE.

You can also try this website and get a speedy detailed response on each topic in a crisp easy to understand form. In last couple of people have been enjoying this free source to write complex essays, poems and some websites have come up that say that you can write a book using this tool. Whether that would be true is yet to be seen but the medical profession can’t be replaced by robot making a diagnosis. ChatGPT can aid doctors though so that our accuracy increases


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